We are culinary artists, source-to-table curators,

And, above all, delighters.

We are culinary artists, source-to-table curators,

And, above all, delighters.

We are culinary artists, source-to-table curators,

And, above all, delighters.

We are culinary artists, source-to-table curators

And, above all, delighters.

We are culinary artists, source-to-table curators,

And, above all, delighters.

At Everyday Kitchen, we find immense joy in creating superb food & beverage experiences infused with imagination and layered with delight. From the moment our chefs curate the finest ingredients to the final presentation of culinary and cocktail artistry at your table, our passion is serving up source-to-table excellence in every detail.


Each of our restaurants is helmed by a talented chef who makes the kitchen and the menu their own. We think of them as cousins, each with its own unique personality and reflecting the vibe of its local community. Our scratch kitchens mean that we are able to take advantage of the seasons and the best regional ingredients to offer up fresh, locally inspired menus every few months.


When comfort food gets creative and hospitality excellence meets delight, we believe that good things happen for diner and host alike. Come join us for a meal and make a connection at Everyday Kitchen; we can’t wait to meet you.

Asian Chicken Salad
Spitfire grill
Fast Casual Dining Urbana
Our Ahi Tuna Pizza
Tripel Karmeliet Beer
Shrimp and Grits
Every drink crafted with care.
French toast is a brunch staple.
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Quality service at Everyday Kitchen.

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Each of our restaurants share a common philosophy but put their own uniquely local spin on our elevated modern comfort cuisine and in their flair for exceptional hospitality. Experience your Everyday Kitchen and make it part of your every day.






“We strive to make every visit a memorable experience. Whether you're celebrating, catching up, or just grabbing a bite, we hope every one of our guests leaves feeling satisfied, welcomed, and appreciated.”

Mike Wajda | Senior Executive Chef, Louisville

“There is something amazing that happens when we gather around a table filled with phenomenal food and the people we love — a total nourishment of body and soul. I want our guests to share in that feeling and recognize our pride in providing dishes worth gathering around. Fare that finds a balance between comfort and whimsy, indulgence and health, familiarity and invention.”

Taylor Green | Executive Chef, Madison

“Our mission is not simply to exceed expectations, but to redefine them through a relentless desire to provide exceptional hospitality. From your morning coffee stop to craft cocktails at happy hour to sharing our Chef's latest culinary creations for dinner, we welcome our friends and neighbors to enjoy a relaxing yet exciting experience every time.”

Bobby Frizzell | Food & Beverage General Manager, Madison

“The synergy between local food and local beverage is important to us and gives our guests an idea of our passion and values. For many years, farmers and distillers have created products that tell a story and start conversations about our community. By respecting and procuring those products, we help to keep those unique histories and the conversation going.”

Tim Quinlan | Food & Beverage General Manager

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We believe in nourishing community at the table and beyond.

100% of our proceeds are reinvested in good works to support the aspirations of children, working families, and small businesses near and far. So every time you dine at Everyday Kitchen or simply swing by one of our cafes for an artisan coffee or tea, you're making good things happen for others, too.

Learn more about the causes we invest in at Lodgic.org/ourpurpose.